About us

I work on behalf of the private  individuals and professionals,namelythe 

  • Veterinarians
  • Associations /Veterinarians /SPA
  • Shelters / kennels
  • Breedings
  • Groomers
  • Animal clinics

S​mall, medium or long distances, the journeys are carried out with professionalism so that they remain pleasant and reassuring.

                                                                                                         Some animals among others that I had the pleasure of carrying .

At home, we have always had animals, it is a need, a passion. We have a horse, well it's rather him who has us, a dog, found in a forest, tied to a tree... We adopted her. We adopted her and she gradually got her bearings and asserted herself. Since then she has been watching her territory, becoming a scout and guide on walks. We also have three cats, the " I am useless ", which we couldn't do without, and hens, which no longer lay eggs but which we couldn't eat...


                                          we do not forget all those souls who have already left, who have given us so much and taught us so much by their so different characters

One of the reasons why dogs are such a comfort when we feel bad is that they don't try to figure out why. He just stands there with us. Dogs talk, but only to those who can listen. When a cat trusts a man, it is his greatest gift. Whether his voice is soothing or rumbling, it is always rich and deep. This is its charm and its secret

The only creatures that are evolved enough to transmit pure love are dogs and children.  

                                                                                                             In short, you will have understood, we love animals.